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Algorand Ticks All The Right Boxes For An Effective CBDC Deployment. Here's How!

We’ve been hearing a lot about how central governments around the world have been wanting to deploy their own CBDC’s lately. Though most of the public chitter-chatter about this new technology is starting to take place right now various governments had first started to discover their potential back in 2014. Currently, countries such as Sweden, The Bahamas, France, The Philipines, Japan, Turkey, Switzerland, The Marshall Islands, etc. have put their hands into the CBDC space. Others such as South Korea have decided to rely upon and follow the lead of the US and its plans for the future in this scenario.

Many believe that Central Bank Digital Currencies could play out to become one of the most exciting and major innovations in all of banking and finance history.


Various design principles call out for a successful and effective CBDC deployment:

  1. Should ensure maximum security without any drawbacks on performance.

  2. Presence of effective innovation and competition among users.

  3. An economical and inclusive system where it is easier for central banks to manage and implement.

  4. Central Banks should be fully able to control the system.

  5. The infrastructure must be flexible and must ensure the presence of integrity and Interoperability.


It is not an easy task for governments to create their own CBDC systems in a short amount of time which therefore leads them to have a look at the infrastructures of already established blockchain firms.

Algorand proposes for a hybrid, two-tier system to be built on a private permissioned instance on its public blockchain which in turn allows for an economical and inclusive approach to developing successful retail CBDCs.The Pure Proof-of-Stake consensus ensures high levels of security for central banks to rely upon and successfully deploy their currencies. Interestingly the Algorand blockchain never forks and claims to be secure against any quantum computing technology.

Standard Asset functions on Algorand provide simple “Role-Based Access Controls” that are engraved in the functioning and working of the CBDC thus allowing Central Banks to access full control of their private, permissioned instance on the blockchain.

Algorand also provides for a reliable build that can support and promote both competition and innovation. It has been crafted and created in such a way that allows for easy development of applications that could be directly integrated with Algorand’s Layer-1 Smart Contracts, Standard Assets, and Atomic Transfers.

Also, a CBDC built on Algorand would ensure total incorporation with national RTGS systems without causing any problems regardless of the regulatory and technical specificities of countries. The Algorand infrastructure would permit the CBDC and RTGS systems to cooperate in order to share information and various instructions. This would create room for interoperability between CBDC systems and the ecosystem of the public domain on Algorand with all the CBDC and private infrastructures connected to Algorand with a central bank that exercises complete control over the system.

Currently, Algorand covers The Marshall Islands with a digital currency called SOV (short for sovereign) which is recognized as a legal tender in the country and provides space to access true decentralization, performance, and openness, etc.

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