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Crypto Wallets: Best Wallets to Store Your Cryptos in 2021

Updated: Sep 20, 2021

1) Coinbase Wallet

If you have been in the cryptocurrency industry for some time, you may have heard of Coinbase from time to time. This is not possible without good reason. This exchange is one of the top operating systems for exchanging cryptocurrencies abroad! In this article, we will discuss some of the features of the CoinBase wallet.

You may ask, what is a coin base wallet? Well, that's exactly what it looks like - a digital (hot) wallet where users can store their cryptocurrencies. The main feature of these wallets is security - although you can keep your coins in the exchange, it is usually not recommended because there is much more risk in this case.

Let's take a look at the coinbase wallet.

The coinbase wallet is known as one of the safest digital currency wallets for storing your cryptocurrencies. It is easy to use, well-designed and protects your coins with several security features, such as 2-FA. As mentioned, coinbase does not actually hold many different cryptocurrencies.

It is no wonder that the so-called "currency code" industry is still often associated with some negative connotations. Many of them are due to the fact that this is a very unstable industry - one day you may get rich and the next day you may be accountable - you will be completely wiped out.

While we are talking about uncertainty about the market itself, there is actually another way that this scenario can manifest itself - hackers.

Because the topic of cryptography is so complex, many people who get into it are not sure how to protect Bitcoin or Ethereum (or any other cryptography) from scams and hacks.

This is actually the "culmination" of this coinbase wallet review - with the wallet in question, security is like a game.

Anyone asking if the coinbase wallet is safe or not?

You can be sure that this bag is often recognized as one of the safest hot wallets in the current industry. coinbase uses a variety of security measures - two-factor authentication, multi-signature authentication, and more.

Also, this wallet has never been hacked or broken in any way. Naturally, this should add to the reliability of this bag!

Let's be careful though - some users will certainly check the CoinBase wallet online to talk about "hacking" their accounts. If you just look at these reviews without thinking too much about them, you may forget the whole thing. You can see that most of the hacks that happen are due to a weak password or a similar problem.

In other words, it's not the operating system's fault - it's the user's.

So much so that the question "Is it safe to use a Coinbase wallet?" You can be sure that the company has put a lot of effort into creating some very strong and secure cryptographic security technologies.

The registration process is quick and easy - as well as public. Like any other cryptographic wallet on the market, the process is quite similar - all you have to do is download the app to your Android or iOS device (yes, the wallet is mobile-based) and your information Enters when prompted.

At the end of everything, you will receive start information and a key. What some of the coinbase client wallet reviews point out here is that coinbase lets you add an extra layer of security - 2-factor authentication (2-FA). If you have this feature, this bag is definitely safe and guarantees the safety of your cryptocurrencies!

Another thing that can be mentioned in this part of the coinbase wallet review is that the user interface design is very nice and clean. This adds to the simplicity of the wallet - you do not have to confuse yourself with different places, how to access your funds or anything else.

Now, we come to the part where we talk about the middle ground and the positive aspects of this coinbase wallet review. We also need to look at some of the downsides of this bag.

One of the downsides of the coinbase wallet is that it usually supports a small number of cryptocurrencies.

This may not be a big deal every time you start in the world of cryptography. This is simply because most traders and novice investors tend to stick to more popular coins such as Bitcoin or Ether - this is also evident from reading the coinbase user wallet review.

That being said, over time, you may want to expand your portfolio and add smaller, lesser-known coins. Unless something changes, it may not be possible to do it with the coinbase wallet - you have to look for another wallet and replace the two.

The severity of this "problem" depends on your personal goals regarding cryptocurrencies. If you are more of a traditional trader, for sure - the most popular cryptocurrencies may be right for you. However, if you like to try other currencies as well, this can be an important issue.

2) Exodos

Exodus is a multi-priced and user-friendly wallet that is available for almost all major platforms including Android, iOS, Windows, Mac, and Linux. It is also possible to connect this wallet with the Trezor hardware wallet.

Exodus stores users' assets (private keys) on the device itself, and users have full access to and control over their assets.

If you are new, you will not have any problems using Exodus. Exodus is also full of various features for professional users.

The most important feature of Exodus is its attractive and user-friendly interface. Due to the great focus of the makers of this wallet on the beauty of its appearance and user interface, it is one of the best choices for new users and even older users who do not want to complicate the issue.

Another feature that makes this wallet attractive to novice users is its internal exchange. Digital currency exchanges usually have a complex environment and it is not possible or very difficult for all users to use them. Having an internal exchange in the wallet helps the user to buy and sell digital currency without the need for another exchange.

Finally, another interesting feature of Exodus is the wallet's full-time support for users through the site and software. You will have virtually no problems using this software. However, the relatively high fees of domestic exchange transactions have made it possible for Exodus to provide financial resources for this extensive support.

The most important feature of the Exodus wallet is the simple user interface and easy installation and use of the wallet for all people, including novices. In fact, Exodus designers aim to attract new audiences and grow the digital currency community. If new users have an engaging experience with their first use of digital currencies, they will share it with others. After installation and first use, you will notice that this wallet is very attractive and user-friendly in appearance.

As mentioned, users can exchange different currencies inside the Exodus wallet. This is done without the need for an exchange. The fee that Exodus Wallet receives for this service is higher than the fee that exchange offices receive, but due to the fact that it is more difficult for novice users to use exchange offices, this feature of Exodus can be important and useful for this range of users.

Exodus was originally a desktop wallet and was released for Windows, Mac, and Linux. But some time later, it released its mobile version for Android and iOS platforms.

Exodus is now integrated with the Trezor hardware wallet, allowing users to use the Exodus interface to view and transfer funds to their hardware wallet.

Exodus Wallet is one of the most attractive software wallets for storing large amounts of digital currencies. The focus of the developers of this wallet is on its attractive and user-friendly interface. This wallet is very easy to use and even novice users can easily work with it.

Exodus security features are not as powerful as competitors such as Mycelium, but still offer an acceptable level of security to its users. The advantages and disadvantages of this wallet can be summarized as follows:

Benefits of Exodus:

The user-friendly, attractive user interface, very easy to use Support for a large number of internal exchange 24-hour support for users

Disadvantages of Exodus:

Text is not open, does not have a two-step verification feature, receives a high fee for the internal exchange, does not have the multi-signature capability

3) Atomic Wallet

Atomic Wallet is one of the most popular and practical digital currency wallets. This wallet was created to take advantage of the Atomic Swaps feature and become part of a digital currency ecosystem. This software is associated with the blockchain of the coins you store. For example, if you want to track a transaction, by entering its code, the wallet will download the transaction information from the blockchain and show it to you, so there is no need to store such sensitive information on the user's computer.

You can use the "Atomic Wallet Coin" token to take advantage of some of the features of this wallet. Using this token makes working with Atomic Swaps easier. By paying this token, you can also register your token in the Atomic Wallet.

Atomic is a combination of efficiency and simplicity. It is designed in such a way that any user with any level of familiarity with the world of digital currencies can use it. However, a wide range of functional features is available to users of this wallet. These features include the ability to add all Ethereum ERC-20 tokens to the wallet by the user, as well as the ability to exchange peer-to-peer in the wallet using a distributed data log.

In general, the use of this wallet is free. But to use some of its features, you have to pay a fee. In this wallet, you can buy digital currency directly with a credit card, but for this, you have to pay a significant amount of 7% commission and $ 10 commission. It may be easy, but there are cheaper ways.

As long as the user does not make a mistake, the atomic wallet is safe and theoretically cannot be hacked. Atomic code is open source, which greatly reduces the possibility of vulnerabilities and hidden bugs in the program. Important information such as wallet passwords is stored encrypted only on your device.

However, if your wallet is on a computer with malware installed, or connected to an insecure Wi-Fi network, your wallet and assets may be at risk. We always have to consider the degree of risk when dealing with the Internet. By integrating an atomic wallet with a hardware wallet, these risks can be greatly reduced.

Atomic is an HD wallet, and the user can use the 12 strings of words provided by the wallet to recover the wallet and its assets. These words should be written on paper and well protected.

As mentioned earlier, the most important feature of Atomic Swaps is the name of the wallet. The development of this feature could be a major development in the digital currency market. With this decentralized feature, you no longer need to use digital currency exchanges to exchange coins and tokens. In addition to being centralized, exchanges are also insecure and deduct from the parties to each transaction a fee. This atomic feature will eventually be focused on exchanges if further developed.

Atomic also has a simple user interface and is as user-friendly as coinbase and Exodus wallets. powered by Moonpay is a non-custodial intermediary solution to fund your Web3 decentralized wallets directly from your credit-debit card and bank accounts.

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