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How to Buy crypto with your Credit-Debit card on Durch website (For Paxful users)

Updated: Apr 6, 2022

This guide helps you complete your purchase if you are directed from paxful by your seller.

Our simple, easy access, and user-friendly platform help to make quick purchases, using your credit or debit card to your paxful seller's wallet address. Our transactions are processed instantly once your one-time ID verification is clear.

Follow the instructions to complete your first with your paxful trader smoothly:


STEP 1: Enter the amount you originally opened trade with your Paxful seller on (Paxful portal). Choose the currency in which you want to pay and click 'Buy Now'.


STEP 2: Paste wallet address provided by your seller.

You will receive your bitcoins from your paxful seller once your purchase is complete.

If you want to use your own wallet address, you cancel the paxful trade and follow this guide here. We recommend you use your paxful seller for a safe escrow trade through paxful.


STEP 3: Here you will enter the email address to which you have access, a 4 digit code will be sent to this email address. Enter your email address and click 'Continue'


STEP 4: In this window, you will enter the verification code sent to your email and press continue.


STEP 5: You will be requested to upload your Identity documents if you are using the service for the first time, following that you can add your payment method and click continue.


STEP 6: Enter your Address and Personal Info here and click continue.


STEP 7: Add your card details here and press 'Continue'


STEP 8: Click “BUY NOW “ after entering card details.


STEP 9: Crypto will be delivered to the wallet address you provide once your transaction is verified. You will receive a confirmation email where you can also track the status of your purchase.

Return to your paxful trade window and paste the Order ID to your paxful Seller.
 powered by Moonpay is a non-custodial intermediary solution to fund your Web3 decentralized wallets directly from your credit-debit card and bank accounts.

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