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STAR ATLAS: Why SOLANA Proves to Be the Right Choice for the Metaverse Platform?

Updated: Sep 20, 2021

Have you ever imagined living in a world that is beyond the current world we live in? A completely different world that represents a replica of this universe. Do you want to have your character in a video game that’s quite similar to reality? Do you want to immerse yourself in a different world and see the potential it holds for future generations? Have you ever heard of the metaverse? The creation of a virtual platform and enabling it for humanity to access may feel vague, but sit tight and brace yourselves. It’s happening and if you’re excited about it, don’t forget, it’s just the beginning!


Built on the Solana blockchain, The Star Atlas is a metaverse concept that aims to build the future of reality and a world vast beyond our imagination. It chose the Solana Blockchain as its protocol to build out a massively multiplayer and immersive metaverse. It is built deep into the future and includes aliens, sentient androids as its major factions. These factions are in a continuous struggle for resources, territorial conquest, and political domination. You as an individual serve as an influencer to these scenarios, and also at the same time earn rewards for your contributions. This enables humanity to access new space-age technologies and has created room for a next-generational science fiction experience. The Solana protocol provides for an extensive serverless and secure gameplay experience. NFT’s (Non-Fungible Tokens) can be secured and traded within the metaverse itself, thus replicating the idea of an economy of real-world assets and ownership from Earth itself.

With a very high TPS (Transaction-Per-Second) rate of about 50,000 which might even increase as the network grows, Solana allows for real-time recording of multiple interactions between assets in the gameplay, It also bypasses the need to backend online multiplayer games on traditional servers. Not only that, but the use of Unreal Engine 5, gives the gameplay an edge on the graphics. Star-Atlas is truly built for entrepreneurs, crypto enthusiasts, gamers, economists, and space travel enthusiasts. It includes Grand Strategy that encourages players to expand their empire and create strategic trade routes and gives them access to exploration, role-playing,space-flight simulation, etc. The metaverse also has two in-game currencies, real-time smart contract execution scenarios, an in-game exchange, AMM(Automated Market Making) mechanism, and also boasts an on-chain governance model that provides players with the ability to gain political control.

Projects like these built on the Solana blockchain might make way for massive potential in the years to come.


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