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Why The Carbon Negative Tag On Algorand Could Prove To Be A Game-Changer

Recently climate talks have been in vogue. Various governments and international bodies have been talking about tackling and interpreting its disastrous side-effects caused due to a high amount of carbon emissions from industries, vehicles, and overall energy systems. They have been looking to change this and are continuously searching for newer ways and ideas to defeat the global problem. Not only governments but people all around the planet are starting to get more serious on this matter. As more and more people get to know what the problem is all about, they are willing to change their ways of energy usage to a cleaner eco-friendlier, and greener way. Sustainable energy companies like Tesla have skyrocketed in sales and bookings, showing tremendous growth with several individuals and institutions eyeing its revolutionizing electric technology. Also, this year in August the president had announced that the US Autocar market would make a complete transition to EVs till the year 2030, which again highlights how swiftly this change is willing to progress.

The concept of climate change is very real. We cannot escape it nor stay ignorant in our ways of harnessing energy. Not now.Not in the future. Everything is changing and our future energy systems will prove to show this.

As blockchain networks start to expand and grow in the upcoming age of a sustainable and greener future, international bodies, institutions, and individuals are searching for just that. A greener and more sustainable blockchain like Algorand already holds its place and is preparing to be a part of this revolutionizing future.


Algorand has been designed to be one of the most sustainable, green, and efficient blockchains to date. The team is committed to benefitting the environment and holding its ‘carbon negative’ position for the future. It is the world's first-ever pure-proof-of-stake blockchain which is aimed towards a sustainable future, unlike Proof-Of-Work consensus mechanisms that require energy-intensive operations. Also, the amount of energy required to run a node on the network is minimum and this can be served well on simple and low-end devices like the Raspberry Pi too.

As the adoption of Algorand accelerates, it faces various challenges in doing so and keeping its carbon negative tag. However, it strongly believes that sustainable growth is far better than just growth. It has therefore teamed up with ClimateTrade (a carbon credit marketplace) in order to pursue its goal of a cleaner and greener future.

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